Focusing on what really Matters


Startup Weekend is the ultimate exercise in focus.  Everyone in a startup works hard, learns fast, and focuses on their project with everything they’ve got.  Yet somehow, when you’ve only got 54 hours, you really push the limits.

Every minute of Startup Weekend is valuable and important.  So you need to be defensive about your time: don’t sweat the details, and instead focus on what really matters.  Ahmed and the rest of the team do everything they can to make this an amazing weekend for you and let you focus on building things that are badassmazingtastic.  That’s what you’re here to do.

But there are some details that we just can’t do anything about.  Little things that you might need or want to make your weekend as productive and world-changing as it could possibly be.  For that – you have Zaarly.

Zaarly lets you post what you want, and just have it taken care of for you.  On both mobile and web, throw out what you want, what you’re willing to pay, and get back to work.  Offers will come in letting you know who can help you and how and let you know what they can do.

Here are some things that I’ve seen be pretty successful at previous SWs, things that might be helpful uses of Zaarly to keep focused on what matters, not sweat the little stuff.

  • Use a Mac with Adobe Suite to make a quick product demo video
  • Ride for our team back to SF (after CalTrain has stopped running)
  • Runner to bring us Printouts from Kinko’s
  • Someone to film a short video for the presentation
  • A designer to make us a quick logo (if you don’t have one on your team)

There are a million other uses of Zaarly, but your creativity will be your greatest tool.

Check out and ask around if you’ve got questions – it’s always good to support a fellow Startup Weekend alum :)

Have a great Weekend!